Glory is for the Vain, Fight is for the Brave, 2017

The books

L'Attesa delle Isole

2016, Edizioni Croce

Che Morte Non Vi Separi (Fuoco sulla mia Carne)

2015, Europa Edizioni

Conversations with the Self: Intimate Suffering in the Narratives of Esther Tusquets, Alberto Asor Rosa and Elsa Morante.

2015, Troubador LTD UK


Bravo, Ragazzo

2017, GoWare


Glory is for the Vain, fight is for the brave

Dr Christian Moretti delves into a a wide range of issues concerning and affecting the LGBT+ community in his first autobiographical venture.

Thought-provoking, straightforward and politically incorrect; this book features a collection of critical and opinion pieces which challenge the social perception of the LGBT+ community in Ireland and the world.

GCN Magazine - Ireland

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